Destiny Rising

Upcomming Days

Fall is setting in around the lands. It is beginning to be chilly during the morning and evening hours with the mid day warming into moderate temperatures.

The farmers are in full swing preparing for the final harvest and winterization of the fields and irrigation canals. Additionally the time is drawing near for the herdsmen to bring their flocks in for the final shearing.

The folks of Umor are busy making final preparations and finishing the erection of several temporary holding pins for the incoming flocks. As well as preparing for the ceremony of Rising Smoke. The peoples of villages and townships come together in the fall season to participate in the ceremony of Rising Smoke. Usually a large bonfire will be built up and then several logs whetted with fragrant oils will be lain upon the fire to produce a heavy and fragrant smoke. It is believed that this ritual wards off “evil spirits” from the lands.
Some people perform additional private ceremonies of Rising Smoke when they believe that they are being haunted or harassed by evil or ill spirits.
This is one of the busiest times of the year for the villages. There are high levels of anxiety, dread, cheer and relief. The final quota and taxation period of the year is close at hand.


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